IWD2021 Player Profile – Sinead O’Leary

Name: Sinead O’Leary
Age: 22
Hometown: Ballina
College: University of Limerick

Why do you think continuing in sport is important for women after school?

I think continuing in sport after school is extremely important. Not only is it amazing for your mental health, it also teaches you determination, commitment and team work qualities that will be useful for life.

What could be done to encourage more women to keep playing sport after school?

We need to keep pushing young girls to stick with their sports after school and teach them the importance of sport in ones life. Sport can open so many opportunities and provide friendships for life.

What does playing Softball for Ireland mean to to you?

I have made so many lifelong friends through playing softball with Ireland. We have so much fun on and off the field while still getting work done. Softball Ireland has provided me with many opportunities.

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