About Fastpitch Softball in Ireland

Who said dreams can’t become reality?

While watching the 2014 Women’s Fastpitch World Championships in The Netherlands, the idea for Team Ireland was born. This was not an easy adjustment, as Ireland is traditionally a slowpitch country. Four years and several tournaments later, Ireland’s women’s fastpitch team is now currently ranked 9th in Europe and 22nd in the world.
Summer of 2019 saw Ireland host World Number 1 USA in Dublin followed by a record 8th place finish at the European Championships. The U19 women’s team finished 14th in the Junior World Cup in California.
This last summer saw the U19 and U22 women’s teams win a silver and bronze medal in their respective European Championships. Softball Ireland looks forward to seeing what the ladies can do this summer!
And so, the dream continues…

2019/2020 Fastpitch League

Sunday March 1, 2020 League Fixtures
12:15 (15 min warm-up from 12)
Team C (#1) v Team D (#4)
1:40 (warm-up from 1:15, in the outfield)
Team A (#2) v Team B (#3)

February 1, 2020

Week 3    
Team A3v2Team C
Team C1v0Team A
Team B2v0Team D
Team D0v2Team B

League Day 2

Week 2    
Team A3v2Team D
Team D1v8Team A
Team B3v2Team C
Team C4v3Team B

November 10, 2019

Week 1    
Team A7v7Team B
Team B0v0Team A
Team C3v2Team D
Team D2v3Team C

League Table

Team C64 21215132
Team A63211121138
Team B63211117134
Team D6  60721-14