Coach Licencing – Grassroots Softball

Welcome to the Fastpitch Ireland Grassroots Softball Educator course. The Grassroots Softball Educator course uses a blended learning approach to equip educators, aspiring coaches, and current coaches with the necessary knowledge and tools to help develop new generations (young and old) of softball players.

The course will consist of on-line videos (WBSC Academy), followed by an on-line survey. The final part of the course is a 90 minute in-person Grassroots Softball educator Session (details to be announced).

If you have any questions on the course please do not hesitate contact .

Lesson 1
Introduction to the Coach Licensing Program developed by the WBSC Coach Commission with a highlight on the role of the coach.

Lesson 2
Overview of the basics to approach Softball beginners with a focus on warm-up and catching and throwing drills.

Lesson 3
Basic tips and drills on how to properly field a ground ball and catch a fly ball in Softball.

Lesson 4
First approach to the offensive side of Softball, with tips and drills on hitting and base running.

Lesson 5
Mini-Softball: an extensive program put in place by the WBSC to support school activities and pre-teenage Softball organised programs.