IWD2021 Player Profile – Maeve Og O’Leary

Name: Maeve Og O’Leary
Age: 21
Home Town: Ballina Co. Tipperary
Profile: Dublin City University

Why do you think continuing in sport is important for women after school?

I think it’s important for young women to stay involved in sport after school for a number of reasons. Not only does it keep us fit, healthy and motivated but it helps us develop over all as people, teaching us skills and qualities for life.

What could be done to encourage more women to keep playing sport after school?

I think a better education surrounding the benefits of sports, knowledge around nutrition and less of a stigma surrounding women and young girls in sport would help keep younger girls playing sport but massive moves are being made to help all of these things.

What does playing Softball for Ireland mean to to you?

Playing for Ireland Softball has being an absolute privelidge and honour. I am so Proud to be able to wear the Irish flag on my back and it has given me amazing opportunities, allowing me to meet so many amazing people along the way. So far it has been unreal and I can’t wait to continue my journey.

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