Team Management Eithne Walsh

irl Ireland

“In the beginning of time, it was dark. Then suddenly there was light. Eithne has been born”

Eithne is the Fastpitch Irleand Natonal Teams Operations Manager responsible for supporting the delivery of National Team operations including, but not limited to programme operations and team logistics (scheduling, programme needs). In addition to the operations role, Eithne also is the creative force of the programme creating hype and highlight videos whilst also maintaining our social medial accounts.

Eithne is however more than an Operations Manager and is the true heart of the team representing everything great about our programme. Eithne is loved and respected by management, coaches, players and supporters and keeps a smile on everyone’s faces even on the toughest days.

Eithne started her softball journey as a transition year student in St. Anne’s Killaloe under the wathcful eye of teacher and former international player Grace Kearney. Eithne has represented Ireland at the 2017 U19 World Cup, 2018 U19 European Championships (silver medalist) and 2018 U22 European Championships (bronze medalist).

Eithne is currently studying at the National University of Ireland Galway.